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Ruby L Schwanke
Ruby L Schwanke

I believe the Media is making it sound a lot worse than it is. However, precautions are good. They show 54 cases in MN, but according to a reliable paper, it is only 9. So, who is telling us the truth. I would believe the paper because the media has lied so much in the past 3 year, how can we believe what they tell us. I think the government is p aying games with our lives and our finances.

Michael Marsh

My friends and family used to say I was crazy or paranoid because I keep necessary essentials stocked like food, water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer. Who’s crazy now

Tracey Brown
Tracey Brown

This whole coronavirus pandemic is a huge world wide governmental hoax. Anybody with a BRAIN can see through the lies. People, use common sense and don’t fall for the hype. Do some research, you have the time now that we are all on lockdown. This virus is nothing more than a mild common flu. The people that die are old or have compromised immune systems. This is normal for FLU. World wide governments are using this fake pandemic to push for the New World Order at an expedited rate. Folks, get a grip. You will lose what is left of… Read more »